CrossFit L2
NCCP Olympic Lifting

My brother introduced me to CrossFit late in 2011, after one workout and one harsh reality check, I was hooked. Several hundred days and workouts later the journey has been amazing.

I look forward to every workout, something I never thought I’d say about going to the gym. CrossFit is continually challenging, the group environment is constantly motivating and when you truly give it your all, the payoff is absolutely rewarding.

I moved to Canmore in 2010, my professional background is as a member of the Canadian Professional Golfers Association. If I can convince you that golf is a sport, then I can preach to you about how the increased strength, mobility and endurance CrossFit will give you will increase your athletic capacity no matter what you do outside the gym.

I CrossFit to be healthier, to be a better dad, to live longer and stronger and because it’s truly inspiring to be apart of everyone’s fitness goals.