OVERVIEW: To provide coaching to groups of athletes using CrossFit methodologies and to ensure safety and facilitate performance towards planned goals.


  • Coach daily group workouts.
  • Attend weekly and monthly staff and coaching meetings.
  • Participate in coaching special events, challenges, and monthly community workouts.

QUALIFICATIONS: Proficient in all CrossFit exercises. Excellent coaching cues. Outstanding communication skills including, email, public speaking, and small group interactions. Excellent listening skills.  Team player.


  • Minimum Level 1 CrossFit Certified
  • Additional CrossFit Certifications strongly recommended
  • Bonus: Personal training certification

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Quarterly, semi-annual, annual.

COMPENSATION:  This is a paid position. We are looking for an excellent coach who is well versed in the CrossFit methodology. We have long term growth opportunities available for the right person(s) willing to prove themselves capable, responsible, and trustworthy.