Avocado & Chicken Tortilla Wraps

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Avocado Chicken Wrap

Healthy Recipe Idea Ingredients: 1/2 avocado 1 tsp fresh lemon fresh pinch of salt and pepper 2 whole wheat tortillas 100g of sliced roast chicken breast 4 slices of tomato 2 leaves of lettuce Directions: mash avocado with lemon juice and spices into a bowl and spread onto wraps top with lettuce, tomatoes, and chicken bake for a couple minutes … Read More

What Drinking Pop Does To Your Body

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With warm summer days coming up soon, you may find yourself reaching for a pop (or possibly a slurpee)… But think twice before you do! Drinking pop has some seriously detrimental effects on your body and your health, both short term and long term. Read More Here >>

Worldwide Whole Life Challenge

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An 8-week intensive health & fitness challenge created to calibrate your entire being towards a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners, no-excuses, gettin’-everything-out-of-it lifetime of physical and mental excellence. The Challenge winner will have to succeed in 3 areas: Performance Improve your ability to work and play! You will do a Baseline workout of Day 1 and measure your improvement in performance on the … Read More

How to plan your grocery shopping for the week

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Today is Sunday and I know I have a busy week ahead of me. By taking the time to prep my food, my whole week runs smoother. When I don’t prep my food for the week ahead, I end up making avoidable bad food decisions. It also saves time and money, because I’m not running around getting food and I … Read More