Are you frustrated, lacking time and knowledge to achieve your goals??

CrossFit Canmore has helped hundreds of people by providing quality coaching, community support and accountability.

What Is Crossfit All About?


community For most people, the hardest thing about working out is motivation. Getting the most out of your workout and really challenging yourself can be extremely difficult - especially on an ongoing basis. One of the best things about Crossfit is that our classes and our philosophy are based around a supportive group environment. By encouraging each other and pushing each other, we achieve incredible results, but more importantly we create a fun and engaging environment.


374897_198715546878455_1268244182_n Diets, gyms, and fitness magazines like to encourage quick fixes. At Crossfit, we encourage a shift in lifestyle. We believe that a strong, healthy body is the foundation of a fulfilling life, and we take great pride in helping our members attain that fulfillment. Crossfit isn't about "Losing 15 Pounds By Summertime" - it's about feeling stronger, and understanding how much more you are capable of than you ever thought possible, no matter what your starting point may be.


info Knowledge really IS power! Anyone can lift heavy weights. At Crossfit, we educate our members on the "hows" and "whys" of exercises. We know that by building your knowledge on strength, stamina, and flexibility, we're giving you the building blocks to keep improving and progressing. We also know that tracking results generates motivation and personal accountability. A depth of knowledge about fitness also allows us to keep our workouts interesting and fun.